Shigaraki is known as “Ceramics Town” with long history and tradition.

In this fall 2013 the “Shigaraki Art Festival 2013” will be held in this Shigaraki as the stage. Not only exhibitions at the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park (Togei no Mori) or Miho Museum etc, but also various art events on the th eme of ceramics will be held in Shigaraki area.

We hope that people would take full pleasure in fall and Shigar aki while visiting shops or kilns with a guide map.

Shigaraki – discovery and its creation –

Shigaraki may come as a surprise to first-time visitors because of its Extraordinary” scenery, although it may seem ordinary and part of everyday life for those of us who live in Shigaraki.

We think it is the key to discover the real richness of our town.

For our 2nd art festival, our theme will be “Shigaraki”

By facing “Ceramic Culture” and “Town” more closely our own, we, the people who engage in domestic Japanese ceramic production or the peopl e who live here discovered the beauty from local fostered scene and its culture.

“Shigaraki Art Festival 2013” gives visitors the experience of art, “The past” -“The present” – “The future” of Shigaraki.

Taking our time to realize our life and culture that has been handed down from generation to generation, we discover and create the unique aspects of the culture not only there but share with the visitors.

Hope to join us exciting moment.


Shigaraki Art Festival 2013
October 1st(Tue.) to October 20th(Sun), 2013 : 20 days
Main venues
Center area in Shigaraki town, the Shiga prefectural Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, and the Shigaraki Traditional Craft Center.
Organized by
The Shigaraki Art Festival 2013 Execttive Committee Office


“THE TANUKI” Exhibition
Outdoor Installations at Shigaraki, Nagano area in Koka CityPlease walk around this highland area to see and experience the very unique “TANUKI” (raccoon)

sculptures that local ceramic artists, high school students and the people who live in the surrounding area just made for this festival.

Additional exhibition at Shigaraki Traditional Craft Center

Exhibition for their original work of the artists who made their “THE TANUKI” sculptures.

” 81th Shigaraki ceramic exibition “
at Shigaraki Industrial Exhibition Hall, The Shigaraki Ceramic Culture ParkExhibition of the Shigaraki Ware, displaying magnificent products that potters and artists made.

Demonstration firing of Traditional Noborigama Kiln
at KANAYAMA Noborigama/Climing kiln at The Shigaraki Ceramic Culture Park Learn about the feature of traditional Noborigama/Climing kiln including its history.
Large Shigaraki Ceramic Ware Exhibition
Outdoor installation at Shigaraki Industries Exhibition HallExhibit the large size of products including pot, water jar, garden furniture, bathtub and other exterior products.

Program about Ochazuke
Ochazuke is a simple Japanese dish made by pouring green tea, dashi, or hot water over cooked rice.Introduce various Shigaraki Ochazuke bowls on the day of the Ochazuke and also introduce bowls produced by other ceramic town.


1 hour from Kusatsu StationFrom the Kusatsu Station take JR Kusatsu Line to Kibukawa Station, and take SKR(Shigaraki Kogen Rail Road) to Shigaraki.
See the JR,train time scheduleSee the SKR(Shigaraki Kogen Rail Road), train time schedule

1 hour from Ishiyama StationTake Teisan But Service to Shigaraki. (Departure: Ishiyama Station.)
See the bus time schedule※ SKR (Shigaraki Kogen Rail Road) is not runing due to the influence of the typhoon No.18 from September16th.
(now: September 19th)
Please use the agency bus instesd of the train.About access during the exhibition will be announced in this web site as soon as possible.Thank you for your understanding.
10mins from Shigaraki I.C (New Meishin expressway)30mins from Meihan Mibuno I.C. (Meihan Kokudo(Meihan National Highway))
See the map(detail)


The Shigaraki Art Festival 2013 Executive Committee Office

Address : In Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Shigaraki-cho Nagano 2188-7

Koka city, Shiga 529-1851 Japan

Phone : 0748-83-1755