Down town Shigaraki

Opening hours: 9:30am to 4:30pm
Assemble Flower Pots! THE UEKIBACHI
Flower pots are widely known as one of the Shigaraki ware’s large ceramic products. For this festival, potters, artists and local residents have crafted their own unique pieces for public viewing. Flower pots painted by nursery and elementary school children are also displayed.
“The story of Shigaraki” – Invitation of Artists
At various locations along the pottery walking paths, pottery producers and artists express tales of Shigaraki using art. Through their artistic expression and perspectives, we aim to shed new lights on the beauty of Shigaraki.
Participating Artists
The Exhibition “Today’s Shigaraki”at the Traditional Crafts Center of Shigaraki.
Open from October 1st (Sat) to 25th (Tue)
This exhibition focuses on the next generations of ceramic artists and their ever challenging efforts for pottery making.
63rd Shigaraki Pottery Festival
October 8th (Sat) to 10th (Mon)
The big annual event of Shigaraki ware. Along with Shigaraki wares, local produces and dish will also be highlighted. The festival will be held in collaboration with the art festival.
Fine Local Restaurant in Down Town Shigaraki
Fine dishes are served at various eateries. Information about the art festival is also available at these eateries.
Projects and Events in Down Town Shigaraki
To liven up the art festival, local residents have planned fun events to offer visitors some opportunities to explore down town Shigaraki. Through projects below, we hope you enjoy interacting with our biggest attraction: Shigaraki locals.
Stroll Around Kilns and Pottery Studios (touring workshops)
Everyday life in Shigaraki is packed with new discoveries such as climbing kilns, brick-made chimney and craftsman’s workshops. During the festival, visitors are offered with rare opportunities to observe pottery studios and workshops up close. At this rare strolling tour, visitors will enjoy direct interactions with ware makers.
Tuchi To Te Project Rice Made with Hearth
October2nd (Sun) &15th (Sat)
In this project, visitors bringing their own rice bowl are served with some rice traditionally made in hearth (called Okudo Gohan). Framed around the project theme “joy of eating rice in favorite rice bowl”, visitors can enjoy some rice cooked in handcrafted hearth and Hagama (broad-brimmed cooking pot) on fireplace.
Tenugui Stamp Rally / Noren Shopping Street / “Actually…” at the Shopping Street
3 projects are planned on the shopping street in down town, and visitors can enjoy the changes of street’s scenery into fun-filled townscape. Please come by and enjoy the new look.
FM Radio Shigaraki
FM radio station will be broadcasted by Shigaraki locals. As well as the festival’s event information, the radio station will give you some trivia only known to a few.
Serving with Asamiya Tea
Along the walking paths of down town and few other places throughout the town, visitors are treated with some fine Asamiya tea. Exhibition of the tea and sale booths are also set up, so please feel free to take a small break with our high-quality tea.
Organic Marche Seed Festival
October 22nd (Sat) & 23rd (Sun) from 11:00am to 4:00pm
This event will be held at “Tashiro Kogen no Sato” located on the corner of Route 12 and the street leading to MIHO MUSEUM. With the event theme “seeds of…”, various booths for local produces, specialty goods and food are set up for the visitors to enjoy. The event will also host Taiko shows, a chorus and instrumental performances.
Many more fun events by local residents are scheduled in down town.

The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park

Opening Hours: 9:30am to 5:00pm
(last entry at 4:30pm)
Shigaraki Style : Wares to Enjoy Everyday Life
September 24th (Sat) to October 23rd (Sun)
As one of the six old kilns of Japan, Shigaraki wares have continuously transformed its style to meet the demands of people over many generations. Shigaraki has flourished also as a steady town capable of producing fine Sake and tea.
What is it that we want the visitors to feel and know? In this project, we attempt to present attractive features of our town.
By presenting the current trends in ware making, we aim to express a framework of our town. We also hope to bring out the delicate yet subtle atmosphere that is unique to countryside. Long history of passing down its ceramic traditions gives Shigaraki much depth as a town. We hope to give Shigaraki many faces by unfolding its beauty. It is our greatest wish for the visitors to experience Shigaraki with all five senses.
Special Exhibition at Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art “Gems of Koto Wares”
October 1st (Sat) to December 11th (Sun)
Koto ceramics flourished in Hikone castle town in the latter part of the Edo period. Among other ceramics developed in the same period, Koto ceramics are known for its gorgeous and beautiful wares. This exhibition has gathered about 150 of such brilliant gem-like wares from all over Japan and is open for public viewing for the first time in the history.
21st Ceramic Art Market
October 8th (Sat) to 10th (Mon)
“See the Art, Meet the Artist” as its core, the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park provides an opportunity for consumers and artists, who reside or work in Shiga, to interact.
Koka City Commerce and Industry Festival
October 16th (Sun) from 10am to 3:30pm
This is an annual festival hosted by local commercial and industrial association. At this festival, guests will find many of Shigaraki’s local produces and specialty dishes.
Firing Climbing Kiln
October 19th (Wed) to 23rd (Sun)
During the art festival, climbing kilns are fired and visitors are encouraged to see this extraordinary firing process. We hope to make this event as an outlet to talk about handing down ware making techniques to next generations.
2016 Shigaraki Noyaki Festival
October 1st (Sat) from noon
On the first day of the art festival, the origin of ceramics called Noyaki (wares were made by being fired on the ground uncovered) will be performed. Through seeing how wares were made in very early days, the future generations will get a chance to enjoy ceramic making.

Other Event Sites

Tarao Daikan Jinya Site Project
Open to the public from October 1st (Sat).
A lecture and tour will be held on October 15th (Sat).
With a local tour guide, visitors will enjoy exploring the Tarao Daikan Jinya Site which was opened to public last year. The project will also host a lecture to present the site’s historical background. Please visit the website for more details.
Shigaraki Palace “Myako Akari”
October 21st (Fri) & 22nd (Sat)
At two locations, Hayatogawa Mizube Park and Kokaji Palace, guest participation type events featuring glazed ceramic wares will be held. Venues are lit up and illuminated, and visitors will also enjoy a short film about Shigaraki Palace Site.
Lecture on Shigaraki Palace Site History
October 23rd (Sun) from 1:30pm to 3:45pm
At Kinose Community Center “Salala”, a lecture on the history of Shigaraki Palace, which was built by Emperor Shomu 1270 years ago, will be held. Please visit the website for more details.
“Source of Japanese Tea” Tour
October 22nd (Sat)
Asamiya of Shigaraki is a production region of Asamiya Tea: Japan’s one of the five finest teas with 1200 years of traditions. Held only for a day during the art festival, a special tour to explore the birth place of Asamiya Tea, Iwayazan Senzenji Temple, will be available for the visitors. In this tour, the participants will also learn the history and culture of Asamiya area. Please visit the website for more details.
Hospitality in Chokushi Style – Revival of Chokushi Ceramics-
Guided Walking Tour of Chokushi Area
Dates: October 8th (Sat), 16th (Sun) & 22nd (Sat)
Japanese Tea Class
October 22nd (Sat) & 23rd (Sun)
On these two days, the visitors can participate in a guided walking tour to explore the history of Chokushi area and to visit ceramic workshops. In the Japanese tea class, the participants will learn proper techniques of pouring Japanese tea. Please visit the website for more details.


“Jewels of the Mughal Emperors and Maharajas:
Treasures from the Al Thani Collection”
Also showing “Kenzan: Miho Museum Collection”
Autumn session: October 1 through December 11
Hours: 10:00am to 5:00pm (Admission until 4:00pm)
Closed Mondays (or the next day, if a national holiday)

The Mughal emperors, who ruled India from the 16th century, surrounded themselves with magnificent furnishings be jeweled with variegated gems, and wore luxurious turban ornaments and accessories decorated with many large precious stones.
This exhibit will showcases of the Mughal Emperors and Maharajas as well as other select Indian jewels the collection of the Qatari royalty, His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Abdullah Al Thani. This is first time that the pinnacle of Indian treasures will be shown in Japan.


Shigaraki Art Festival 2016
October 1st(Sat.) to October 23th(Sun), 2016 : 23 days
Main venues
Center area in Shigaraki town, the Shiga prefectural Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, and the Shigaraki Traditional Craft Center.
Organized by
The Shigaraki Art Festival 2016 Execttive Committee Office


1 hour from Kusatsu StationFrom the Kusatsu Station take JR Kusatsu Line to Kibukawa Station, and take SKR(Shigaraki Kogen Rail Road) to Shigaraki.
See the JR,train time scheduleSee the SKR(Shigaraki Kogen Rail Road), train time schedule

10mins from Shigaraki I.C (New Meishin expressway)30mins from Meihan Mibuno I.C. (Meihan Kokudo(Meihan National Highway))
See the map(detail)


The Shigaraki Art Festival 2016 Executive Committee Office

Address : Shiga Prefecture Koka Shigaraki Nagano 1203
Koka City Hall Shigaraki local civic center east in the annex

Koka city, Shiga 529-1851 Japan

Phone : 0748-70-2376